National Tattoo Art Festival 2004

Centers of trade goods cheaper in Dezon Building, Jl. Asia-Africa Bandung, Minggu (6 / 6) afternoon dibanjiri fitter of 34 professional tattoo studio tattoo of some big cities in Indonesia.
Arrival of the carpenters tattoo in order to follow the event "National Tattoo Art Festival 2004" held Kent Tattoo Piercing Indonesia with neurotic Clothes Co.. In this opportunity, to show their attraction rare, unique, and adorable.
Festival itupun display various competitions, such as the best selection of tattoo pictures, tattoos terbanyak election, race and studio tattoo tattoo covering most image selection, the selection kerapihan best tattoo and tattoo best selection speed. Peak marked with the title of this demo is a man by ditato nine tattoos professional fitter.
Degree National Tattoo Festival in 2004 which began at around 11.00 WIB this afternoon, not only get a rousing welcome visitors from Jakarta and its surroundings, but also from kru tattoo studio that came from some big cities in Indonesia. Events pembukaannya also quite interesting, accompanied with the collaboration of contemporary music and sound natural wie 57.
In the event that guided kwartet ngocol, such as Niko, Satria, Ryan, and Ucie, which act as the jury is that they berpostur high and large bertato. They are Wawan Gunawan, Agustinus Outnel, Toni and Kiki.
Competition involving tukang tattoo from a professional tattoo studio in Indonesia that was attended Dolphin Tattoo (Bali), Demon Tattoo (Bali), Radjah Skin Design (Surabaya), Kill Cat Tattoo Body Piercing & Art Studio (Yogya), Toxic Tattoo (Yogya ), Eternity Tattoo Parlor (Yogyakarta), Java Tattoo Club (Yogya), Sonnee Tattoo (Semarang), Eternity Tattoo (Magelang), and Awang Tattoo (Semarang).
Furthermore, the Gauls Tattoo (Palembang), legalize Tattoo (Bogor), Lucky Tattoo (Bandung), Wandy Tattoo (Bandung), Konselir Tattoo (Bandung), Deep Blue Tattoo (Bandung), Yure Tattoo (Bandung), Kurnia Tattoo (Bandung) , Circle Tattoo (Bandung), Vim Tattoo (Jakarta), Bucks Buks (Jakarta), and Aliung Tattoo (Jakarta).
Kemeriahan event is visible when a man, a member of Kent Tattoo Piercing Indonesia, Boy ditato by nine professional craftsman tattoo for approximately one hour. Terrible, Boy is not visible in pain.