Candidate` Police Many Tattoos

Tattoos identical with the things that most civilian and negati always decorate her body with tattoos. Hundreds of civilian familiar with the area onar Bandung West police arrested, on Wednesday. They dibariskan in Bandung West mapolresta. Hundreds of local residents thought the man before akan enroll prospective students into the State Police sekolan (Save).

"How many prospective police tatonya. lagian take-take the guitar again, "commented a number of citizens.
New residents are surprised when a police notify hundreds of civilian men, that is the usual make onar and crime in the area of Bandung West. "They were not candidates for police applicants, but the civilian, Bu," said the police.

Hear the answer is, people are surprised they even told the police back to prison earlier menjebloskannya. "We think prospective police applicants. If the cells are civilian, pak! "Fate Wiwin Ny, 46, who witnessed the degree of operating results of the community.
Kapolresta Bandung West AKBP Baskoro mentioned, the operating slab Lodaya digelarnya yesterday successfully crawl the 317 civilian bertato make ulah normal on the streets in the area of law Polresta Bandung West.

They dicomot from the bus terminal Leuwipanjang, and Market Caringin Bandung. "This civilian kerjaanya mengamen, if the victim did not give money is always melukainya civilian," said Baskoro.

By : Wijaya