Russian body painting festival 3

Germany's Bodypainting Festival

Germany's Bodypainting Festival

World Bodypainting Festival, Joachim-Bergauer

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Body Painting Festival

Word Body Painting

Body Paint - Hallowen

Zodiac body painting - Taurus

Zodiac body painting - Taurus

Zodiac bodypainting - Aries

Zodiac bodypainting - Aries

Zodiac body painting - Cancer

Zodiac Body Painting - Gemini

Zodiac bodypainting - Gemini

Zodiac body painting - Virgo

Zodiac Body Painting - Leo

Zodiac bodypainting - Leo

Zodiac body painting - Scorpio

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Zodiac bodypainting - Libra

Zodiac bodypainting - Aquarius

gzbodypainting orThe Graffiti wall off Garey Street - Light Painting on Downtown LA

The Graffiti wall off Garey Street - Light Painting on Downtown LA

Very creative Murals graffiti street painting and high artistic merit. The Graffiti wall off Garey Street - Light Painting on Downtown LA

Air Brush Painting on Sexy Woman Artwork

Air Brush Painting on Sexy Woman ArtworkAir brush painting on naked girls sexy body with fiber bodies patterns

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Beautiful Murals Painting

River painting on Wall - Beautiful Murals Painting
Decorating the room with graffiti painting unique and beautiful with River painting on Wall - Beautiful Murals Painting

Using Liquid Latex As Body Paint

The main advantages of using liquid latex over other kinds of body paint are duration and durability. Other body paints tend to rub off and smudge against fabric, often leaving dirty and possibly even stained clothing. Once liquid latex has dried on the skin it does not present these issues. Clothing will remain unblemished by the latex for as long as it is worn. Whilst perspiration and body heat may encourage the latex to separate from the skin slightly, the latex will not smudge or run but remain intact until the wearer removes it by simply tearing or peeling it away from the skin. Again, this does not leave a residue on the skin like many other body paints. Depending on your activities and the thickness of the applications, latex should last many hours before it begins to separate from the skin. If latex is painted entirely around body or body parts it will continue to cling to the body and can still be worn for an unlimited time. Generally, it can be worn out for an entire day or night, can be worn in water, and will last many hours through photo shoots, performances and many other activities.

There are however some minor disadvantages, nothing that should discourage the use of latex, more the need for a little common sense and preparation. Before applying latex to the body it is necessary to patch-test a small area of the skin to check for any allergic reactions. It is quite rare, most people are not allergic to latex, but a small percentage of users have reported skin irritation after coming into contact with this kind of body paint.

On occasions where liquid latex has been applied to the skin over hair it can be both difficult and painful to remove. Wet latex will bond permanently to hair as it does to fabric. The only way to remove latex with hair stuck to it is to pull it off, which of course also rips the hair off the skin. Anyone who has experienced body waxing will be familiar with the level of discomfort. The best preparation when applying liquid latex is to first remove hair from areas of the body to be painted. However, it is not always necessary as liquid latex can be removed from moderate amounts of body hair with little effort and minimum discomfort. Body hair may also be trimmed very short instead of shaving.

When buying liquid latex it is important to read the label and avoid any brand that does not specify 'for cosmetic use' or 'suitable for use as body paint'. Liquid latex is used in many other industries and you need to make sure you buy latex that does not contain toxic chemicals. Purchasing from a reputable body paint supplier is the safest way to ensure you're getting non-toxic latex suitable for skin application.

For the reasons stated above, children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times when using this type of body paint.

gz-bodypainting or Expression Of Shabbat by Martina Shapiro

Expression Of Shabbat by Martina Shapiro

This is still very prominent life painting / drawing with the theme of the Sabbath, reveals a woman's house tradition to bless the Sabbath candles. Spontaneous ink lines and raw and very expressive. Acrylic paint bright and vibrant, and gives the painting texture.
The weight of paper that shows through in many places providing additional texture and interest. This painting on paper so you'll have to have it framed.

gz-bodypainting or Playboy Mansion Design - Brittany Moorehouse Picture

Playboy Mansion Design - Brittany Moorehouse Picture
Playboy Mansion Design on Two Sexy Woman Body Painting - Brittany Moorehouse Picture

Video - SI Swimsuit: Jessica Gomes Body Painting

Jessica Gomes tells you about experience being a human canvas for the SI Swimsuit 2008 body painting shoot. For more photos and videos visit

Tree Lighting

I painted on Sunday for the... geez, I don't even remember how many years I've been painting at the Ho-Ho-Kus tree lighting! It's quite a few at this point.

I love this event, despite the cold. We get a heated tent that makes us even more popular than we always are as face painters. I had my new repertoire of holiday designs ready to go, but the line was so long and the crowd so... crowded... that I didn't have time for many photos. I did get two cute ones, though the secong isn't a technically good photo. The rush and the close quarters made it tough; I was trying to snap photos very quickly so I didn't make the rest of the line wait too long.

Oil on Canvas - Pastel Painting

Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009

Workshop Details

Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cost: $60 + materials. Unfortunately there are no refunds and space is limited.

Location: The Purple Door Art Studio

Address: 2108 - 18 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta

Register at Kensington Art Supply:

Address: 132 - 10 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta

Phone: 403.283.2288


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Some art forms do not require the mechanisms of external guidance. They managed to do well without the curators, critics, collectors and the like. Both these forms require special accommodations. This art of self-involved with life in the energy that comes from an unbridled enthusiasm for the artists themselves. Involvement is the key word. This term refers to the philosophy of authentic existence, which implies the involvement of the existence of the elements in the opposite dichotomy - existence through an institutional placement in accordance with certain conditions.
One can argue that the extent to which external conditions determine what art reaches the level of art in terms of lack of self-determination. Art form in my mind growing up and even though their condition. Moreover, they often are in the same condition was contrary to what they. Consider the situation of art subject to the rules of what is called "image pollution" of public space. From the legal standpoint, there is no art possible in this bureaucratic framework. However, it is. It's everywhere. I spent several days exploring this phenomenon - the art of perpetuating themselves. Found in New York City you do not have to Indiana Jones. If you're lazy, you just walk in 12 streets in the East Village to reach the Open Road Park - a popular site among skateboardists. The Open Road Park fenced on all sides by high walls. The wall is what makes the park so attractive to street artists.

If you are less inert, you take a subway train across the East River to Long Island City, get off at the 45th Rd./Courthouse Square and ask someone for the direction to 5 POINTZ – it is around one of the corners. There with your eyeballs rolling you will witness how wild the endogenous art can grow. On the entire block that contains what once used to be an industrial complex, you will have hard time finding a spot to insert your tag without slashing a piece. Hard time as it was, I found one – a heaven spot. “Tag” is a stylized signature; to “slash” is to tag over another’s graffiti and to go over it is considered a deep insult; “piece” is a large and labor-intensive graffiti painting; “heaven spot” is a hard-to-reach place such as rooftop. I am getting there… And you wait for an update, if I manage to keep my bones together.



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Unique Painting - Plate Fragments Painting from Klaten - Indonesia

Plate Fragments Painting from Klaten - Indonesia
Unique Painting - Plate Fragments Painting from Klaten - unique picture of broken plate in the form of a mother - Indonesia

artist : dono