Just wanted you all to know that I will be leaving for Fairbanks Alaska July 24th,

and until that date I will be working hard to serve all my friends in the Fort Wayne area at Device Tattoo 5749 St Joe Rd at the Marketplace or Canturbury

Alternator Stator and Breather Tube

Got alternator stator mounted and wire gently pulled through hole, right about where this wire comes out between the cases is the breather tube, it is a real bear to get on with engine in frame. Breather tube installed. Cleaned wire and boot and put a bead of silicone around boot / wire. Also adjusted primary chain, cranked it a couple clicks. Put copper washer on chain adjuster plug.

Tattoos' from Device Tattoo Ft. Wayne In

So much wrenching and not enough tatts.

Rocker Boxes Installed

Got Rocker boxes bolted down, pushrods in there correct position. Tightend the small bolts on top and one of them buggers snapped off

, got rocker back off and removed remaining piece of bolt, these are whitwoth thread and i was able to find a slightly longer whitworth bolt that i shortend to correct lenght. motor is ready to go back in frame.

Rocker Boxes And Pushrods

Got Rocker boxes cleaned and dripping dry, Check out the metal center gaskets i got from Jerry Nice! pushrods in place and awaiting rocker boxes. Did you notice the fins on this bike are near perfect, no broken or repaired fins on head, cylinder, or rocker boxes. Getting closer!

Clutch Assembly Installed

 Brian,Got clutch plates all cleaned up. I showed a close up picture of the dogs of one of the friction plates. Lookin' good! Also notice the clutch basket close up, it shows just slight wear.." Very nice primary set up" I  used a electric impact wrench on clutch hub and crank nut. Also check out my clutch adjusting tool. Got a Nice close up of the patent plate.

Clutch Hub, Primary Chain, Alternator Rotor

Got the key in place clutch hub, ring bushing and twenty roller bearings. Next goes the front sprocket and the clutch basket. After that
the keyway goes on the end of the output shaft for the magnetic alternator rotor.

Kicker Cover Installed

Got kicker cover sealed and installed. Got right side of engine done, now it's
time for primary chain and clutches.

Replacement Parts Found!!

Got a New sprocket cover and seal, for the primary. Jerry came through maybe for the last time. $45.00. Found one on internet for $10 but time is of the essence. All sealed up new seals all around. Two on the timing cover, rear chain sprocket, sprocket cover, and motor- primary

sprocket seal.

Sprocket Installation Broken Trap Door Cover.

Got sprocket on and sprocket nut nice and snug. Went to put trap door on and noticed that it was wrong type for this type of drive gear, the seal was not even close. I found another door in my stuff and it has no seal and a big crack all the way through it. Well, I guess I found the source of my one of the oil leaks I had. I will drive to Jerry"s tomorrow and see if he has another

one and a new seal.

Tranny Sealed Trap Door Bolted Up

Got the trap door all cleaned up, thrust washer in place, permatex sealer applied to gasket area between trans case and trap door. Allen bolts installed and snug. Kicker gear, spring, spacer, lock tab and nut installed and tighetnd. 2nd pic points too layshaft thrust washer, there is on on each end of layshaft. Third picture points to position shifter gear changer has to be in when trap door goes on with camplate in neutral position. Forth picture shows trap door ready for outer cover.