Bali tattoos

Many people fill the leisure time with roads kebali.Jika you pay a visit to Bali, this is if you book an appointment at the time the front end of your holiday so as not to reveal a fresh tattoo to Sunday, surfing and chlorinated water, all I can to the process of healing and can actually damage the skin (and tattoos) are permanent. You do not need to have sun burnt skin when getting tattooed and it is best to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol before your visit, as this can thin the blood and it is difficult to insert ink into the skin due to excess blood.

Try to take the heat from easy for 24 hours after application so that minimize heat as this can also "bleed" the new tattoo from your skin. We make a full answer to the tattoo but available to you and take after-treatment, for the tattoo to heal properly.

Do not hesitate to ask us about any concerns you may have, and rest assured that you are in safe hands.