Tiger Tattoos of Angelina Jolie

Celebrity : Tiger Tattoos of Angelina Jolie

I know some people who will nail me to the wall upon learning that I placed serial adopter Angelina second in a list that has the word “sexy” in it. I’m probably one of the handful of people who don’t really drool over Angelina, but she does have some of the coolest and sexiest tattoos among celebs. That tiger tattoo alone is definitely a body art masterpiece.

Amy Dumas Lita Scarry Tattoos Inspired

Amy Dumas, better known by her stage name Lita, is an American singer and professional wrestler, known for her work as WWE Diva.

Amy 'Lita' Dumas has a few tattoos which are quite visible, including an Asian oni demon mask on her right shoulder, plus numerous voodoo skulls on her left arm and shoulder area.

Lita is also said to have a few other tattoo designs, including Chinese symbols on her upper back, the word PUNK on her inner lip, plus the word REBEL in Russian located on her neck.

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