Eliza Dushku tattoo images

Eliza Patricia Dushku was born in the dawn of 1980 on December 30th of that year to a Mormon family in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents are both college professors and she has three older brothers, whom she says used to terrorize her and taught her to become a tomboy, but she must have forgiven them as she still lives with her oldest brother Nate today.At the age of twelve she already proved herself better than every waiter in Los Angeles when she made her way onto the silver screen in the 1992 film, That Night. The film wasn't a box-office smash, but it did lead to a role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 1993's This Boy's Life.
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Body Art Tattoo-Visual Feast

body art tattoo designsfull body art tattoo imageTattoo aficionados are firm about getting good body art tattoos when they think they should allow some more body spaces for tattoo canvas. Body art tattoo normally covers hand, including arm, elbow, and wrist, shoulder, neck, chest, upper-and-lower-back portions, and lower stomach.

So many colorful motifs are there to occupy this large area for body art tattoos. Men and women, both, love to flaunt with body art tattoos. Sometimes, it is a painstaking and time-killing process, and the tattoo enthusiast must be patient before the full body art tattoo is done.

The present body art tattoo in image is a nice example of such kind of tattoo – it eye-catching in nature. Sometimes, the legs are also used.

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Jamie King tattoo designs

This Omaha-born blonde left her humble beginnings behind when she became a famous fashion model as a teen. Prized for her personality as well as her beauty, King had trouble handling the high life and struggled with an addiction to heroin.
jamie king neck tattoo designAfter her photographer boyfriend died of an overdose in 1997, King cleaned up her act and slowly segued into an acting career by playing supporting parts in a number of features. After brief, high-profile romances with actors and rock stars, King settled down with director Kyle Newman in 2007.
jamie king new arm tattoo designHer film career reached a new level soon after, as she achieved leading-lady status in genre movies like The Spirit (2008) and the 2009 My Bloody Valentine remake.
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Black Rose Tattoo-Touch of Boldness and Delicacy

black rose tattoo designsblack rose tattoo for girlsAdopted by many anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups throughout the world, the black rose tattoo is a typical example of a presence of delicate rose with the boldness of doing something different.

Black rose tattoo is the balance between softness and boldness as when any kind of nihilist desire is born to step aside. The dark beauty lies within this momentary black rose tattoo to set a pure trust to feel the new look towards life.

It is eye catching on men and women on their arms, wrists, shoulders, necks, legs, and thighs. Black rose tattoo is honoring the past that was sad and somber. The present black rose tattoo on the right upper buttock is simple awesome.

Koi, Japanese Tattoo Design Culture

Koi, Japanese Tattoo Design Culture

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

Koi, Japanese Tattoo Design Culture

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

Although, Today I could see how weak my lines still are! (Partly due to the rush last session as I wanted draw all the lines in one session, even tho, I only had a short time). But no excuses! Tattoo requires of you! No excuses! Only discipline, skills and concentration! Anyway, I know I’ll fix this, while doing the shading, then go over the lines I want to make stronger! Also, yoday/today, I was very honoured due to the visit of a special guest, who came to me, to show me his amazing traditional japanese Back piece! I also was the first foreigner he ever met and spoke to, so it was a really amazing experience for me to exchange and share true respect; and love for tradition and the japanese/human spirit. Tattoos can be very intimate and private in Japan! Thank you for the honour! It was a real gift from life, to welcome him, and see the tattoo alive on him! I can tell you that guy had a really strong and beautiful spirit! That is what I love about Japanese People! You can be strong, and very humble!
Heart to Heart! Never lost in translation!

I chose to treat this piece more like a painting, so I’ll keep my spontanity flowing! Today some black and some shading!

Avril Lavigne & Deryck Whibley Get Tattooed Together

Avril Lavigne filed for divorce from her Sum 41 husband Deryck Whibley last fall, but that's not yet been finalized. Since separating, she's been spotted with the likes of Wilmer Valderrama, Brandon Davis, and Brody Jenner. Perhaps signalling that the couple aren't yet totally done with each other is the fact that they've been spotted hanging out together several times since their official separation. Most recently, Avril and Deryck got matching tattoos, hardly the sign of a couple about to divorce.

Lavigne and Whibley were seen getting matching tats at Tattoo Mania in Hollywood over the weekend. Needless to say, neither of them looked sober as they exited the tattoo parlor in the very early morning hours. It may very well be a drunken hookup for old times sake that ended in bad judgment and matching tats, but it's a sure sign that there's still something left between them.

Keira knightley neck tattoo design

She was born Kiera Knightley on the 22nd of March, 1985, in Teddington, south-west London. Her name would become Keira as her Hollywood career took off, the change shamelessly breaking the golden rule of "I before E except after C" but making the name more easily pronounceable on a worldwide basis.keira knightley fish neck tattoo designHer father was stage actor Will Knightley, who'd make the occasional foray into television, such as starring as Mr Glegg in the BBC's 1997 production of The Mill On The Floss. Her Ayrshire-born mother, Sharman MacDonald, had also been a stage and TV actress (she once appeared in Shoestring).Few actresses enjoy the kind of success Keira Knightley saw in 2003. First, her major picture starring debut, Pirates Of The Caribbean, entered the all-time Top 20 of box-office hits.keira knightley neck letter tattooSource : talk talk

Arabic Tattoo-Years of Rich Heritage and Culture

arabic tattoo design on footarabic tattoo letter tattoo on armWith its different protrusions and symbolic and calligraphic presence, Arabic tattoo mesmerizes youth from all walks throughout the world. Arabic tattoo, for it flowing and exotic forms and visual richness, keeps holding the interests of so many Muslims and non-Muslims tattoo enthusiasts.

They ink the Arabic tattoos on different parts of their bodies. Black and several primary and secondary colors are used in Arabic tattoos. Several verses of Koran are used in Arabic tattoos.

Mostly done in henna, Arabic tattoos are done in ink these days on arm, wrists, chest, shoulder, upper back, and belly. The tattoo artists must understand the meanings of the Arabic phrases to avoid mistakes in design.

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Singer Joss Stone tattoo designs

joss stone neck tattoo designSinger. Born Joscelyn Eve Stoker on April 11, 1987, in Dover, Kent, England. A lover of soul music since a young girl, Stone is known for deep throaty vocals, soulful renditions and barefoot performances. In 2002, she left home for New York City to pursue her dream and landed a deal with S-Curve CEO Steve Greenberg.joss stone ankle tattoo designA year later at age 16, Stone released her debut album, The Soul Sessions, a collection of covers she produced in just four days. The record reached the top 5 in the U.K. and the top 40 on the U.S. Billboard Chart. The singer followed her debut with 2004’s Mind, Body & Soul, a body of original work that was an even bigger success than the first. In 2005, Stone won two Brit Awards and was nominated for three Grammys.
joss stone back tattoo designStone has successfully parlayed her musical achievements into commercial success, most notably as the new head spokeswoman for The Gap.
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Rose Tribal Tattoos-The Fusion of Beauty and Folk Art

rose tribal tattoo designstribal rose tattoo art imagesRose Tribal tattoo, encompassing the true characteristics of roses in terms of desire, grace, love, purity, affection, friendship, and beauty, is a typical and original depiction of an outstanding art. For ages, roses nourished the worshipper of beauties.

And Rose tribal tattoo, in memento of that affection towards the new style statement, sets a new and age-ole testament of unique art form on bodies. Red in color – with purplish, green, or black vine – Rose tribal tattoo is an intricate art that is truly different from the general roses.

Men, and largely women, love to ink rose tribal tattoos on their bodies to flaunt the desire of showing love for beauties.

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Tattoo model Michelle McGee tattoo

michelle mcgee tattoo art images
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Design Popular Tattoo 2010

Design Popular Tattoo 2010Do you love activity cards? You must have played at least. But ever absent through such an idea? How snappy this game tattoo looks! At the first sight you haw find it just to have a unique tattoo design. Don’t look at the game alone, there is something written with it, essay to get into the deep meaning. It reads- ‘It’s not the game your dealt in life, its how you play them‘ – that means life is like a gamble, play it to win it. Ups and downs are the exclusive truth of life. But subject to change. Thus go on playing, meliorate you know the trick, meliorate you’ll become out as the winner of situations. This card tattoo is an excellent visual representation of that great saying.
Design Popular Tattoo 2010Here is something rattling bizarre and scary. Thanks to the macabre tattoos inked every over his body, this ‘zombie boy’ is earning quite a good taste of tending for himself. With the inner organs patterned on his skin, a sudden looking makes digit feel as if he has been overturned inside out! The rib cages, spinal cords, tendons, and intestines are every tattooed to give a graphic notion of a living skeleton. What makes it more horrifying is the vivid portrayal of insects and spider webs within his system, which gives the full thing a somewhat raw look. The zombie pupil has hardly an progress left on his skin that hasn’t been inked upon. With brain cells highlighting his head, his eyes surrounded by black tattoo designs and the same goes for his jaws and neck, the effect is somewhat sinister. Hooded skulls however adorn his arms, connected with a few graveyard crosses. No wonder, every this makes him popular enough! Real zombies beware!
Design Popular Tattoo 2010As for whatever art, the substance is what matters most with tattoos. Tattoos are every about dedications; and that is here. As the tattoos are prefabricated for whatever perseverance and the pain gives pleasure; there has to be whatever purpose.

This is a very unequalled tattoo with the text expressing the feelings of the heart. With the water droplets in the body; this is rattling a chilled tattoo that module attain you feel hot. I rattling appreciate this simple idea of keeping ‘a example of heart’ in such a sexy position. The colouration of the body makes it countenance more spicy and attractive. You rattling have to wager it deep. With the bikini on; it is every instance suitable for the beaches. The representation of the foliage is very ideal to a amend carnival on the beach and thus suits this wonderful figure. This particular tattoo is very appropriate to be called a Summer Tattoo.

Vine Tattoo-Beauty in Spirals

vine tattoo on footflower vine tattoo designVine and flower combination on foot is atypical representation of art wherein flexible and gentle touch usually dictates the area and soothes the eyes.

Vine tattoo has a kind of historical significance - Bachchus, the Roman god of wine, good living and revelry wearing a crown made of evergreen Ivy. Sometimes Ivy is used, while vine branch is used to define the extreme beauty.

The present vine tattoo on foot is simple and looks realistic. Purple flower and green leaves intertwined to create a sublime presence that we are accustomed to see in ancient Egyptian or Roman art. It suits the foot well.

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Tribal Shoulder Tattoo-Courageous Spree with No Hunting Desire

tribal shoulder tattoo designstribal shoulder tattoo imagesPopular amongst the young crowds from all walks throughout the world, tribal shoulder tattoo actually makes the presence of its own to redefine strength, power, and hunting bliss.

Men carry tribal shoulder tattoo in different forms, and mostly in black, to show off an extra lust for power and singularity. It never tells any kind of bitter power to invade others, but stamina and sense of responsibility to protect all from the evil clutches in the name of the ancient tribal warriors.

These expressions are fantastic so long as it looks good on your shoulder. The current tribal shoulder tattoo is a kind of Polynesian art form, and it is simply awesome to look at.

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Gorgeous Nikki reed tattoo art

nikki reed neck tattoo design
nikki reed side back tattoo
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Sun Moon Tattoo-Astrological Fragrance of Beautification

sun and moon tattoo designsback sun moon tattoo imagesCompletely whimsical, Sun Moon tattoo is a tad attractive one as and when we talk about the tattooing of astrological things, including that of stars, planets, solar system, Sun, and Moon. Sun Moon tattoo has elements of both Sun and Moon.

It mixes the brilliance of solar masculinity and lunar touch of feminine energy. Sun Moon tattoo, comprising half Sun and Moon in one circle, dictates the aura with special significance of feminine power married with male energy.

It creates difference of looking in the midst of thousands of tattoos. Men and women love to flaunt with Sun Moon tattoo on different body parts, comprising hands, shoulder, back, upper back, and arms.

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Sarah jessica parkar temporary diomand tattoo

sarah jessica parkar new tattoo in oscar 2010
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Dove Tattoo-In Search of Peace and Harmony

dove tattoo designsdove tattoo on armIn memory of someone dearest who had passed away long back, some people like to ink the dove tattoo. If the dove tattoo is that of a flying dove as in the case of the present one, it means someone’s soul has been released from the earthly possessions.

Normally, persons who love peace and calmness, like to tattoo the dove tattoo. Both, men and women, love to wear dove tattoo to show off their trust on peace and serenity.

Sometimes, dove tattoo is a symbol of long life and good health and well being. The dove tattoo in image is holding leaf in its beak. It is a messenger of peace.

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Chest Tattoos For Men

Chest Tattoos For Men
There are many popular types of chest tattoos that have seen a rise in popularity to be placed on the chest. Some of these tattoos include the names of the children, a family crest, or traditional Mens tattoos such as eagles, jaguars and other types of animals which have been popular in the past. Men are able to customize these tattoos.

Half Sleeve Lion Tattoo

Half Sleeve Lion Tattoo
Half Sleeve Lion Tattoo

Half Sleeve Lion Tattoo

Half Sleeve Lion Tattoo
Half Sleeve Lion Tattoo

Chinese and Japanese Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Chinese and Japanese Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular designs all over the world. It can go in any category, whether abstraction, naturalistic, dedication, stylized or combination tattoos.

Throughout history, dragon tattoos have never been out of fashion and had been used as a symbol in some parts of the world. It can be drawn as menacing or regal depending on your choice of design.

Dragon tattoos come in two popular forms: the Chinese or Japanese dragon of the east with its long, snake-like body and the European dragon of the west with its powerful wings and long neck. The European dragon usually symbolizes power and fear, a depiction of evil where as the Chinese dragon usually symbolizes unity and conformity, a depiction of good.

You can find many different designs of dragon tattoos in different forms and colors. Some of these dragon designs have additional background scenery where they are depicted flying in the clouds, swimming in the ocean, crawling on top of mountains or ravaging small villages. But the most common depiction of a dragon is being done as tribal dragon tattoos due to both its simplicity (the majority color being in either black or gray with the additional color to highlight the dragon) and its complexity.

butterfly with small dragon tattoo

butterfly with small dragon tattoo
butterfly with small dragon tattoo

Butterfly with Small Dragon Tattoo

butterfly with small dragon tattoo
butterfly with small dragon tattoo

butterfly tribal on left side of face

butterfly tribal on left side of face

Front of tribal with butterfly tattoo

Front of tribal with butterfly tattoo
Front of tribal with butterfly tattoo

Butterfly Tribal on left side of face

butterfly tribal on left side of face

Tribal with butterfly tattoo

Tribal with butterfly tattoo
Tribal with butterfly tattoo on back

Tribal Capricorn Tattoos

Tribal capricorn tattoos
Tribal capricorn tattoos on back