Graffiti Nation - Homage on Gasoline Dreams Series

Girl With a Pearl Earring Graffiti Nation - Homage on Gasoline Dreams Series by Vaughn Clay
The subject of this work is restless energy and street art of graffiti artists. Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" is a sample and see it as a model of Victoria's Secret underwear. He walked along and pac-man like Gremlins very annoying the hell out of him. Go! In the middle we have the icon of spray painting graffiti artists spray mask.
Then I pay tribute to a few bright stars graffiti art by entering the sample WKInteract, Miss Van, Obey Giant and the Invader all artists from France. I finished off with a piece of my own tag in the middle of my own purple and Gremlins pac-man. They're just annoying, do not you think? 48 "H x 46" W

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A week of japanese tattooing!!

Ok, so last week was pretty busy...started a new backpiece, tattooed Javi at the shop that sat like a trooper for almost 4 hours to get his knee tattooed, finished the hinari tattoo and Gary's tiger (thanx man ;) ) and had a quick escape to was amazing, everytime i come back from that place i feel soo, i'm back to the drawing board!

I want to remind you all that on Friday there will be the opening of the "Idol Hours" Exibition at the London Miles Gallery, it will be an amazing exhibition, more then 40 artists and dj will be playing on the evening too....please come all along, no invitation required....have a peep at their website

check this out!!! kinda funny!!

hey! look at me on the one of the biggest Tokyo newspapers!
ahah! :)

Japanese Women Tattoo

japanese women tattooSee more Japanese tattoo Designs Below:
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Hello everybody...soooooo......tooooo many news!!!
first come first.....i'm gunna upload a bit of tattoos in's only tuesday and i already had loads of fun this week! Especially cause my friend Stefy from Adrenalink Italy was guesting at the shop and i even got tattooed by her....she is just amazing, and now i feel inspired and full of good energies so instead of chilling and resting my hand, tonight i'm writing here! yay!!

NEWS also is the opening on November 12th of "the Idol Hours" exhibition at London Miles Gallery, and I'm very happily going to be part of the selection of 40 internetional artists that will be presenting their are all invited at the opening!!

what else? hmmmmmm.... i'm going to the theatre on friday from the first time here in London and i'm well excited!! ahahha
that's a personal note while i remembered the other they come....

I will be collaborating with Jay Read realizing a design for his clothing brand JILTED ROYALTY... Jay is an amazingly driven friend, and his apparel is so freaking amazing! proper quality bad ass-ness! Jay is getting tattooed by Matt Difa at the shop and always treating me with the funniest stories everytime....thank you man ;) !!

There's more boiling in my big pan, but untill everything is 100% confirmed i won't say anything else...... i think is more then enough for now!!!!

Ah...check few new links i added.... Jay Read and jilted Roayalty, Stefy and Crez at Adrenalink and London Miles Gallery!!

with love always


well lots happened in the last month...London Tattoo Convention, Made in Britain exhibition.....working and painting....photoshoots.....NEW TSHIRTS...more working and painting! i will be uploading bits in the next couple of days and set something up to buy tshirts online and new prints will also be available...they will be proper posh!

I just wanna take a minute to say thank you to all of you guys for supporting, for buying my tshirts, for coming back and getting more fun tattoos done and for showing always interest on what i'm doing.
In last couple of years i went through some pretty dark times finding myself to hate all about the industry. When i read 5 years ago Chris Cohnn myspace profile saying he quit tattooing because of it, i just couldnt believe it.
I went to my first convention when i was 15. I sacrificed a lot to do what i'm doing now and it all went ruined in such a short period of time that i was left with not even the time to understand what was happening. I'm a passionate person and i take everything at heart and doing so I found myself heartbroken. But in the last year i really changed a lot on my whole approach to tattooing and i became really private about it. I'm kinda trying to explain why i dont post things every night in either here or facebook or myspace or twitter or the next whatever! I just put a really small amount out there nowadays and everything became fun again!! It's too upsetting seeing people rapeing my designs or ideas or details and making money on top of it too!!

Enough blah blahs and here's some pics!

MADE IN BRITAIN exhibition

Next friday the 10th of september LONDON MILES GALLERY will present MADE IN BRITAIN exhibition opening its door to everybody! And one of my latest painting will be there!!!
So guys, check the gallery out, it's amazing!

thats one of the reason for slacking on the uploads and also a sort of physical rejection to the internet and the whole networking thing had a major part on my absence!!!
some should come soon!

Sexy Tattoo Selebritis Pictures

Once tattoo is known as a symbol of crime and delinquency, as did the convicts, thugs and hoodlums. But now the art of tattooing evolved and is no longer a taboo. Many Indonesian and foreign artists bertattoo in parts of his body ... Here's a collection of celebrity photos top foreign countries, who had a tattoo...
Tattoo SelebritisTattoo SelebritisTattoo SelebritisTattoo Selebritis

Be Careful BeforeTattooing

Be careful before tattooing Yes, it is fact that tattoos are the latest fashion or body art all around the globe. However, can you think one chance is it good for you or bad? It is true that tattoos increases beauty of our body but time in not stay it become changeable everyday and there is many condition and situation I have seen in my life that persons have enjoyed their body tattoos many years but a condition generate when they are tried to remove their tattoos but unable to do this
Be careful before tattooing Tattoos are not a simple thing that’s why be careful before making it in your body because once it place in your body it will not gone without taking treatment of removing tattoos. In tattooing process, tattoo ink is inserting into the skin of your body that’s why it is not remove without treatment.
Be careful before tattooing Removing treatment of tattoos takes so much time and there are many treatments available in our world, which are able to remove the tattoos from your skin but I think the quality of our skin become change after the removing treatment and it takes long time to come back in its natural form.

Hot Sexy tattoos

Hot Sexy tattoos Tattoos having different types and designs mainly peoples wants hot or sexy tattoos in their body why because there is one mentality behind it that if anybody making bold tattoo or sexy tattoo then he or she looks very sexy.
Hot Sexy tattoos I thing to look sexy is the main reason to make tattoos in body and there are many peoples all around the world filled tattoos all over the body. I think tattoos give them strength to do any task. If you are looking to the see the patterns of all tattoos available all over the through Internet or any kind of equipment that would show you all tattoos of the world then you are doing mistake because tattoos having very huge area and you are unable to do this.

Hot Sexy tattoos I think there are various tattoos are unknown to the world because these are the signs of our ancestors and our world having lots of unknown corner, and who knows in those corners peoples situates tattoos on their body. It’s my imagination only because tattoos are included the category of antique equipments.
Hot Sexy tattoos

Tattoo Great Body Art , Show Yours Image Are Tattoo Designs Show Yours Image

Are Tattoo Designs Show Yours ImageThe popular Japanese model drawing tattoo on there arm. The tattoo contains many of flowers. Most of the people things that the tattoo shows the nature and the thinking of the tattoo owner there are many type of tattoos like dragon tattoo, nature tattoo, tattoos of gods some tattoos looks very aggressive like the dragon, fighters and many more so that was a normal opinion of peoples that tattoos designs are shadows of the tattoo owners.
Are Tattoo Designs Show Yours ImageTattoos are the great body art and it has been coming from our ancestors, this art is totally different from other arts because it is made in the human skin and in the time of tattooing it release great pain but because of craze of this art peoples carry this pain.
Are Tattoo Designs Show Yours ImageIf you are thinking that tattoos are very special for Younger and the craze of tattoos is going on in younger only that you are wrong. The craze of tattoos is going on in everyone of any age, like younger old persons also like tattoos and they like to make tattoos on their body.
Are Tattoo Designs Show Yours ImageWhat a wonderful art it is that peoples carry pain for increasing beauty of their body, it’s an amazing thing but its fact that and everyone knows it clearly comparing to me also.
Are Tattoo Designs Show Yours Image

Collection Hot Sexy Tattoos

 Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos Hot Sexy Tattoos
Cover Up Tattoo

Do not Make Mistakes To Not Make Cover Up Tattoo

General rule in making a tattoo is the size of the new tattoo designs must be greater than the previous tattoo. Do not aim too small to cover a stain or tattoo your long and got bored and wanted to replace the new. So make a new tattoo design will provide great opportunity to cover an old tattoo long you want to delete. This is a mistake if you are too hasty decision.
Too Light tattoo ink that is generally applied to the scale of light to dark. The point is that a tattoo with dark colors will be closed with the color lighter tattoo, the tattoo artist tattoo always start printing a dark color first. This applies generally covered by a dark tattoo colors bright. For example, if you have a tattoo of a red color then you use more bright colors like black or blue, not yellow or orange. Choosing the right colors will make you feel satisfied.

Detailed too are a big complaint to cover tattoos. The old tattoo still dominate the new tattoo. There are several reasons that appear as tattoos are used to cover the old tattoo. The idea of this tattoo is covering up the idea to hide the original design integrity as well as to show a new tattoo. There are ways to solve this problem by making new design details of the scale, replacing old lines with detail lines should be thick and bold with colors more in order to cover the old tattoo so that new tattoo will be visible and clearly readable.

Cover Up Tattoos

Ink is forever, right? At least regretful people can have some cover up done; meet twelve hilarious cover up tattoos.

There is nothing like setting the past straight and correcting what some people might have called a mistake from the beginning. The final product is a VOID stamp over the name Tracy.

The tattoo on Angelina Jolie's left arm shows the map coordinates for the birthplaces of her children. The coordinates tattoo covers the place where the dragon tattoo and name of her ex husband Billy Bob used to be before they got lasered off. You can still see the dragon a bit. (Link)

Amazing Girl's Japanese Tattoos

These kinds of tattoos project beauty and creativity that with its array of different forms and styles, tattoo fans can a pick a model of their choice. The kind of choice one would make would present his or her own creativity and connotation of the drawing. Its popularity also comes from its profound meaning and symbolism. Like the butterfly, it denotes metamorphosis; a transformation from an unlikely beginning to a beautiful ending. This same process can be applied to every individual. Usually those who wish to have this tattoo design somehow went through a similar experience.
Dragonflies may appear delicate and dainty, but they also symbolize strength. They are hunters after all; preying on unsuspecting smaller insects and once caught they will be crushed in the dragonflies' strong jaws. Another thing that is eye-catching about the dragonfly is its flapped pair of wings that with its thin body the contrast creates an exceptional image. From a far it can even look like a fairy.

Wrist Tattoo Style

Wrist tattoos are one possibility you can consider and in fact wrist tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos.