Creator TATTOO

Tattoos are part of the art. Although there is a tatto looked identical to the crime, increasing penyuka tatto. For the few who do not rate, tatto is a work of art. In Europe and other Western countries, tatto always be found on the teenagers. Good guy or girl, a charitable and a Macho. In Indonesia, for example, see the fighter, not a little bertatto. Sutadi Sanjaya (32), usually called Bedot, is a tatto artist. He practices in the open Sosrowijayan North. Customer is more the bule. Can understand, because Sosrowijayan is known as a 'tourist village' in Yogyakarta.
Since my primary hobby is drawing. Transmissivity to SMU. There is every extracurricular drawing, I certainly follow. This hobby does not stop even though I failed to enter CONTENTS. Fact I can even find the money to the toxicity. For example, create images for T-shirt. Also to paint the canvas cloth. I sell the result in Malioboro. Paintings that surealis and realist style. Also decorative pattern.
My home is in the midst of the 'tourist village'. Parents use for garment trade. When a booming batik painting, I also make batik painting. So then my home gallery. Once the crisis happens and tourists menyurut dramatically, especially saturated batik painting, I concentrate on painting in canvas cloth.
MAKE tatto, was a request from friends. Tatto first I create surealis motivated. Because many are like, then I komersialkan. To provide a professional, then I open a studio in the gallery. Customernya the bule. Perhaps, tatto studio is the only one in Yogyakarta. If you have any friends berpraktik for local residents, usually a call or open a practice in Malioboro. Price tatto painting depending on the size, number of motifs and colors. Payments are often conducted in dollars. Tatto cost most small size, when dirupiahkan around Rp 50 ribu. The gede, can cost hundreds of thousands. Who have never reached Rp 1.5 million. Most of the tourists, gentleman in the deal. Yet so there is a wanton. Digabur never tatto cost of Rp 1.2 million. While American tourists right foot that I have meet tatto according pesanannya. Never mind. I wish left foot does not often tread mbelek lencung, tread atawa mine.

EVERY time you make a tatto, needles must be sterilized with a special tool first. When dirty needle, than can also cause infection can transmit the disease. Not a typical syringe is often used the doctors. My hands are always wearing T-shirts hand also. Painting can be drawn using ballpoint first. Can also use a paper copy of ditempel in the skin. Motifnya vary. Surealistik addition, many of them realistic. Such forms of flora or fauna. For flora usually flower image. Are animals such as dolphins, tiger, dragon, cobra and so on. I have many examples of patterns. I buy most of Europe. Customers can choose sepuasnya. Although rare there are demand drawing women, but men have been bule, hands have digambari many women face. He said, to remind the women who had dipacarinya.
CUSTOMER bule are from various races. Bule, especially Germany and Scandinavian countries. Tatto most disuka location is in the shoulder, chest, hands, feet. There was also a request in the face tatto. Despite how much is paid, I will not do. The point I menatto abstinence face. Point. I really have not had a black leather handle tourists. If there are any, I certainly extra hard concentration. Where there is' a black canvas' digambari easy. Bule-like skin toh white canvas. Colors can be bright too. Menatto woman's body in the most sensitive also. Despite my normal men, Suer, I never feel inflame. I always hold the principle, the concentration must be given priority. I realize, once faith tottery see white chest smooth, for example, the works can be muddy. Tatto toh must make one so. If there is error, may not be deleted. In fact, not a few women have bule ditatto like that. For example in the wudel. In fact there is a request in the buttocks.
MY tatto concerned parts of the world considered criminal. What relationship? Criminal bertatto not any bejibun amount. I regret a private TV, every menayang the criminal, always focus on the tattonya. Please only. But this attitude is not just the works of art. For me, tatto is the work of art, must be respected as the other. In the West, many young people bertatto. According to me, over half the teenagers bertatto Europe. I know they have to work in Germany. But they are allowed, only that at least 18 years. Below that, is prohibited. If you are up to, concerned parents can sue the author. Western society is the rational art tatto. Every citizen who wants to bertatto because the rights are azasinya. Although not a little emotional because of the encouragement, but more rational.