Across The Pond

Another great event is the Welsh Face and Body Art convention in where else - Wales.
A friendly bunch this event produced some amazing artworks and no doubt will continue to grow. They are set to gather again in August 2009.

Body Art From The Aussies

The first convention for face anf body artists in Australia was held this year.
Called the Wonder Down Under it sounds like it was a good deal of fun - of course!
Can't wait to hang and paint with these artists. Looks like we'll have to wait until September 2009.

The Odessey In Face And Body Art

The newest event on the block is Bodyessy Con which will be held in Toronto this April.
Another convention for face and body artists to gather learn and share, this one will be showcasing some amazing talents. Be sure to come back in mid-April to see photographs of some of the artworks created there.

Super Extreme Design Tattoo

Super Extreme Design Tattoo
Ever thought of getting a tattoo, that likewise on your face? Well, this might sound silly but guys, tattoo freaks can go to any extreme to leave us flabbergasted. Making your nous up to get your grappling etched is something that asks for a huge amount of deliberation, you’d hope so at least. Forget the pain related with having your grappling tattooed, it’s the awful change that happens to your life as you achievement discover of the tattoo parlor. Call them freaks, wacky, weirdos; tattoo aficionados don’t mind, every they know is their love for tattoos. Jotted beneath are some really awful grappling tattoos that module leave you dazed!

It's Not All About The Body

Most events where body artists gather to learn, compete and just plain show off are not festivals or all about body painting at all. Some are more convention-like. Currently the premier event in the USA is the Face And Body Art International Convention. The convention started in 2001 and continues today holding workshops and competitions for face painting, body painting and henna. The event is held each May in Orlando, Florida.

I love going here to see so many close and talented friends.

Canadian Body Painting Festival

A newcomer the Canadian Body Painting Festival will hold it's next event in September 2009, in British Columbia. Like the world festival this event host workshops and competition for artists. Model and Photographers join this event for performance living art.

World Body Painting Festival

I would be wrong to not start with the foremost body painting event on the planet earth - The World Bodypainting Festival.

Begun in 1998 as a means to bring tourist trade to the community of Seeboden, Austria the event has grown into the premier international body painting event. The event held each July clearly celebrates the art form in a marriage of body painting artist, model and photographer. But the event is much more it includes amazing special effects makeup, music, performance and a training ground and competition for those involved in body painting.

Now in 2009 enjoy an all new website for the World Bodypainting Festival.

I have posted a very few World Bodypainting Festival Hall Of Fame photographs painted by artists I know and respect, and who inspire me to create more. Please see all the hall of Fame photographs on the WBPF website.

Body Painting As Fine Art

In order to introduce you to Body Painting as a fine art I will begin with the various events where artist gather to create living artworks.

When one thinks these days of body painting they think most often of either trade show/nightclub women sporting corsets, jeans and jerseys or glossy magazine swimsuits - yes all painted body art. And while many of my closest artist friends paint corsets, jeans, jerseys and swimsuits..... as alas we must pay the bills..... many paint living artworks that make the heart swoon for a more colorful, carefree world.

So in the first series of this blog on body painting I will introduce you to the various events celebrating this ancient and emerging art form.

And I'll be a bit selfish posting mainly artworks painted by friends. As I move forward I'll feature single artists, as well as models and photographers involved in this passionate art form. Come meet my friends and join me as I meet new ones.