owl and hawk for my 30th

It was my 30th birthday so my lovely boyfriend took me for a super nice weekend in the middle of the country side and we had a bit of raptor encounter....it was amazing...i wanted to do falconery for soooo long and finally i had it!!! hawks are beautiful and clever and fun to watch...owls are thick as fuck apparently, and they sleep all the time...not too much fun, but pretty!!i wanted to take all the birds at home apart for the eagle.....soooo big it could have eaten a child in one go, and thinking about it now, it would have been useful to get rid of some of those skanky Cally kids...but never mind!
thats it...i want a hawk.

Top 4 Lower Back Tattoo Designs

In your search for lower back tattoo designs, finding the one that suites you can be tough. Recent statistics show that 1 in 5 women who have a tattoo have it on their lower back which supports a rise in ink in this location. With a few places on a woman's body being considered sensual, it's not hard to see why their becoming more popular.

Of the two most attractive locations on a female's body to get a tat, the lower back and neck would be the top two. The main reason for this is the ease in which they can be hidden. When you're at work in the office they can be easily covered by a shirt. And on Friday night after work they can be put on full display with some low cut jeans and a tight fitting high riding shirt.

Listed below are some of the more popular lower back tattoo designs:
1) Dolphin Tattoos - Due to the cute nature of these designs, they are a favorite among women.
2) Flower Designs - These are a popular choice for women especially on the lower back.
3) Tribal Designs - These are the most common. There are a wide variety of Tribal designs ranging from Celtic to Sun.
4) Dragon Designs - You'll find these on more risque and adventurous women.

Deciding on a tattoo can be pretty tough. There is no shortage of designs out there so it's a good idea evaluate a few and don't rush into any decisions. It's easy to second guess yourself. For this reason it's a good idea to take a few days to make sure you make the right decision. You don't want to rush into something and then later regret it. The decision to remove an unwanted tattoo later in life can be painful and expensive.

Be sure to dress appropriately when heading out to get your tattoo. This would entail loose fitting clothing that will enable the tattoo artist to work easily. Upon getting your tattoo, there are a few things you should consider. During the healing process, be sure to wear clothes that are not tight fitting. Scarring can occur if clothing is too tight and rubs on the tattooed area over a period of time.

its all about birds.....and some more london-ness

here's a couple of tattoos i did recently....st.paul's cathedral and a crow and compass flowers...it was fun!some more to come soon....wish u all a good week end...i'm off to the country side to make some birds fly.....bit of falconry and medieval looking castles!!

Girls Like Cute Tattoos Design

the lower back tattoo design