The United States Ink Tattoos

Tattoos are bagaian's body tattoo seni.Seni this, it seems that it is not considered taboo anymore at this time. The art decorate the body with the desired color choice is already a trend in the community.

Not only the adam, but the woman also has many tattoos on her body makes. This is what the manager was Gego-Lino Tatto and Painting, Rifan time to visit the ground floor of the Forum Mall, Batuaji yesterday.

According Rifan, Gego-Lino and Tattoo Painting provides many options motif tattoo image or desired according to the tastes of each consumer, the image will also be made with as well as possible, both in the vicinity of the hands, feet, spine and other body parts. "We received a tattoo of making, starting from a small tattoo, the tattoo to the making of the body," said Rifan.

In general, light Rifan, there are three tattoo patterns which can be selected in the consumer-Gego Lino Painting and Tattoo. There are abstract patterns, ie, with the tattoo-picture bambar the abstract. Tribal motifs form of black lines. Yakuza and motifs, the motif Mafia tattoo in Japan is identical with the tattoo.