Think Before You MakeTwo Tattoo

Tattoos are part of the art, diamerika the tattoo taboo is not the case, estimated that one out of seven in the United States have a tattoo, most of them declare freedom, faith, style, or love for someone or something.

But remember: it easier to change your mind than your tattoo.
According to Dr. Roy Geronemus, most people make the decision to make the tattoo is driven by ideas without thinking through long-term. Therefore, not surprisingly many of them try to remove them. According to The Skin Surgery United States, during the years 2001 until 2003 with the disposal procedures with laser tattoo rose 27 percent.

Remove the tattoo is "very difficult, in some cases require more time and cost, depending on the type of tattoo," warned Geronemus, he is the Chairman of the Laser Medicine and Surgery and director of the Center for American Laser & Skin Surgery New York City in New York. Geronemus is also a member of The American Skin Surgery.

If you really need to have the tattoo, he said, there are several things to consider before. "The most important consideration for personal safety is in place mentato choose. Make sure the company has reputable tattoo and provides a sterile technique in the use of ink, "Geronemus said.

This means ensuring that the needle used is sterile - never used on other people - artists and tattoos do not conduct "immersion doble" - to immerse the needle in the ink bottles are usually used on more than one patient.

"He reported the existence of links between immersion doble with hepatitis and this is indeed the cause closure tattoo parlor in the City of New York in the 1960s," Geronemus told Reuters Helth. "Now there are reports of hepatitis C in relation to the placement of tattoos and that the disease can menjurus to decrease the body resistance."

Search tattoo need to know that "very little regulation" that set the tattoo. "FDA (United States Dirjen POM) does not emphasize the rules regarding what pigment is safe and can be used on the skin," Geronemus warned. A good idea to think of the future when creating the tattoo. Many employers who do not like tattoos that are visible in the workplace, so think small and can be hidden when creating the tattoo, he said.

Still did not want to spend the tattoo "I love Jill"? Then Geronemus have the advice of others. "Consider the color of ink that will be used on your skin. Many people do not consider the fact that one day they may want to remove them and the best way to remove tattoos is if the tattoo is black, "he said.