The Tattoos, a tradition abandoned Start

Tattoo art is used to decorate the body. Tradition makes tattoo for the Dayak people began to be abandoned now. Even if there is a generation of young Dayak tattoos that make it more beautiful because of factors.

In fact, first, this tradition is very closely related to religion and can not be indiscriminate. Required before the ritual ceremony tattoo. Motif and placement of any tattoo can not be haphazard, but must comply with customs regulations.

Now the rules are basic starting abandoned. Is not known exactly when the tradition makes tattoo slowly people began to be abandoned.

According to anthropologist Mering Ngo, who also comes from the Dayak tribe, tradition does not make a tattoo regardless of tradition mengayau or decapitate the enemy, which was often done. However, since meeting Tumbanganoi be attended by leaders of the tribes in the Dutch colonial era to the early 1900s, mengayau tradition is no longer made.

Semitic religion comes in the Dutch colony, left encouraging follow tradition mengayau make tattoos so that tradition is slowly tersisihkan.

Around 1930, a tradition mengayau not be making so that the tattoo was abandoned. Therefore, only those parents who are now in a weak body still-decorated tattoo traditional tattoo.

"Tattoos decorate the young people now, not a traditional tattoo laden meaning, but the only tattoo decorations," said Simon Devung, Dayak experts from Central University for Social Forestry Mulawarman, Samarinda.

Chairman II Persekutuan Dayak Kalimantan Timur (PDKT) Jacobus said Bayau Lung, left tattoo tradition closely related to social problems. Amidst growing public perception now, they are ditato the blade and even a civilian. Because of this belief, such as those ditato difficult to get a job.

"Concerned difficult to get a job, men who have grown the tradition does not want to run a tattoo," said Jacobus Bayau Lung.