The Tattoo Yakuza

Tattoo in the whole body, it is a trade-mark of the yakuza that we know so far. Based on the survey, in 2005 the number of yakuza members in Japan is estimated to have 86,300 people.

History of the emergence of yakuza have started since 17th century. SHOGUN when Tokugawa power and remove the previous regime. Turnover of power that caused more than 500,000 previously samurai who became a servant SHOGUN lost master.

They then changed professions to become criminals. The ronin (samurai no sir) is known as Kabuki-mono. Difficult to eradicate these groups, they are trained, they have a secret code and a high fidelity between masing2 members.

To protect the city from invasion Kabuki-mono, the residents formed macchi-Yoko, such satgas village whose members consist of volunteers who are the most common. Terrible, the Yoko-macchi this turns out successfully rolls out the bandit Kabuki-mono.

There are two classes in a group-macchi Yoko. Class bakuto (gambler) and tekiya (traders). The tekiya often used to deceive and extort the merchants. Meanwhile, the more often bakuto rented to gamble against the workers. SHOGUN goal is to make the salaries of the workers out at the gaming table and the energy they can be rented with a cheap price.

Bakuto the strategy to defeat this opponent-lawannya is to use a game card hanafuda. One of the card configuration which is often unreliable bakuto to trap the opponent play is 8-9-3 in the Japanese language is called Ya-Ku-Za. That is history, until today they are known as yakuza.