Tattoos a Soul Three Sunday

Do you still remember the mass panic in the early 1980s? Panic is empty on the term "Peter" (mysterious shooter). Either accidental somehow systematically studied, so that when the victim has most of the tattoo.

Obviously, the people who decorate her body with tattoos to panic. Ago when it emerged that the public opinion bertato identical with the perpetrators of criminal. But in fact, they are not always menorehkan image with permanent ink on the back skin is the bromocorah and begundal.

Opinion that so long terpacak audience in mind. Even among Islam had also pengharaman no justification for pemeluknya that bertato. The reason, the skin in some parts of the body that should dialiri water when closed berwudu ink tattoo. Some people also make the bertato remove hiasannya. In fact, remove the permanent tattoo is not an easy task. Besides I can not clean properly, often the owner must be willing to create ulceration with scar is very obvious.

Time and opinion is moving slowly become hazy. Embarrassment or fear may be even when dealing with people bertato is slowly reduced as well.

About 20 years after the panic of "Peter", is quite interesting phenomena appear. Tattoos dimaknakan as decoration pemercantik appearance. Yes! He then blossom into the fashion or a trend. Although when jejaknya ditelusur, decorate the body with a tattoo is not a new expression for the cultural community in the world.

Just enough to remind, body decoration, tattoos in casu quo, has been known since many centuries ago. Want proof? In 1947, some arkeologis Soviet expedition to the arkeologis in the area of Central Siberia find some graves that have been buried in the bottom of the earth around 2000 years.

At the cemetery, the graves found many artefacts made of cloth, leather, and wood terbekukan and terawetkan by ice. In a makamnya, there is a whole sesosok corpses terbekukan es owned scythian a combatant. And, in both hands and feet painted corpses that different types of tattoos.

Bertato discovery of dead bodies from the time of 2000 years ago provide evidence that there is a certain artistic expression that places the body skin so similar canvas. Not only in Siberia, on the part of the mummy found in Egypt or Peru is located in the body design tattoo dots and lines.