The Tattoo Temporary

Yes! Obviously, has a tattoo keberterimaan in the community as part of the expression in the appearance. In situations like that, and the phenomena appear "temporary tattoo". Not like that created with the tattoo ink stream to reverse skin body that have been desist with the needle and permanent nature. Temporary Tattoos and artificial nature of the material are easily changeable.

When the tattoo right tune and start to become a trend among young people? Some people assume, inspired embellishment body with temporary tattoos come from prominent Shan Cai in Mandarin sinetron entitled Meteor Garden. Inamorato Tao Tze Min decorations that have tattoos in the neck in a sun-like design.

Next, the young-mudi in Bali, the tourists also started to have temporary tattoo designs in the form of fad-form. This is a business with a kiosk kemerebakan the type of tattoo that is merebak. Trends decorate the skin with temporary tattoos ago that moving to Jakarta, Yogyakarta, the city and other big-city, not the exception of Semarang.

In Semarang, at least, found a kiosk in front of Mal Citraland who specifically offer services of making tattoo "animate three-week" is. Cope with a simple tarpaulin, two young children and Dicky Rohadi Agus Wibowo fish food from young people who want to appear in a matter analogous trends decorate the body. Behind a table full stack tattoo designs, from 09.00 to 21:00 at both the patient awaits the thatch from the shopping center in Simpanglima for nyamper to their stalls.

"Most people who like girls. About 70 percent," said Dicky.

He said, before making a special temporary tattoos, he and some friends have been making permanent tattoos. "But because many are still afraid to make permanent tattoo, we switch mebuat temporary tattoos. Only in three weeks lost their own tattoo. In addition, we capture business opportunities as temporary tattoos ngetren start."

They really do not have a lot of capital. Material form of powder and liquid specific ink purchased from Yogyakarta. "I do not know his name. If I only buy the materials temporary tattoo," Agus said.

With the material, plus a bottle of deodorant, paper, liquid pen, and a small brush, the process of making temporary tattoos can be done. I like the dituturkan Dicky as follows: after the design has been selected consumer, and dimal (dijiplak) oil on paper with pen liquid; the skin that would be oiled digambari deodorant and tracing paper design is placed; pen picture of the liquid form on the skin similar design the painted temporary tattoo ink with it.