Tattoos Booming In China

During thousands of years old, identical with the tattoo community in China. Symbols, Chinese characters and any posts to be their favorite choice to give marks in some parts of the body. However, who suspected, the option has now shifted. Chinese citizens now choose exactly the tattoo reads Inggris.Dulu It is in regard to the wounded is taboo, but now become a trend in tattoos Chinese community.

"Currently, about 30 to 40 percent of our customers choose the tattoo in the English language. This happens in sudden, started early this year. "Said Zhang Aiping, a penato in Shanghai.

Even a few days ago that he had menato a soccer player in the club Shanghai Shenhua. The ditorehkan in the body says "I miss u forever" aka me nostalgic for you.

Although the tattoo taboo is expressed under the authority of the Communist Party, but during the last five years, salon, tattoo parlor pop start again. They operate in the area under the 'gray'. Many clients tattoo inspired soccer player David Beckham as a foreign or American basketball players.

"Tattoos in the English language more special, trendy, and the stronger personality. Unlike the Chinese characters that usually have a depth of meaning. English can be used as an acronym, so keep secret awake. Others can only guess what has been written in the hand or the other members of the body, "said Yang Enna, a television producer in Shanghai.