Insect Tattoo and Reptile Tattoo

Of course, insect tattoos and reptile tattoos are not the same thing, but they do share a common bond. For lack of a better description, they generally fall under the “creepy crawly” design category. There’s just something about a big bug or a slithering snake that makes our hair stand up on end. Maybe it’s the fact that they are alive like us, but also cold-blooded, that gives us the shivers.

But there’s more to insects and reptiles than just being creepy (or crawly!). Symbolically, they are frequently associated with gods, spirits, and the underworld. For example, in Central American lore, flying insects were said to be the souls of the dead revisiting this world. For the Hmong, legend states that grasshoppers were the first life on earth, but the gods thought them stupid and made humans instead. Flies, though generally not popular for tattoo designs, have their place in legend. In Judeo-Christian tales, flies were one of the ten plagues that visited Egypt, and the Hebrew name for one of the chief Biblical devils – Beelzebub – translates to “lord of the flies.” Reptiles, particularly snakes, are often associated with stages of the life cycle: creation, destruction, and eternity. Because many reptiles can live both on land and in water, they are associated with two of the primary elements of life and thus revered.

And not all insects and reptiles are considered creepy. Some of the most beautiful insects and reptiles – and the tattoo designs that go along with them – include colorful butterflies, chameleons, tree frogs, and several species of turtle. These designs don’t make your skin crawl; instead, they make your skin glow with the colors of your favorite exoskeletal or scaly creature.

Insect tattoo and reptile tattoo designs are only some of the many designs available to us from the animal kingdom. Please see our other pages for animal tattoos , sea life tattoos , and bird tattoos .

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