Tattoos Are One Of The Cultural

Tattoos Tattoos are art and culture is one of the oldest in the world. The first time in a mummy found in Egypt in 3000 BC. The term tattoo itself is taken from the Tahiti, tatuai which means signifies something. In Indonesia, the tattoo has been recognized by the tribe since time Mentawai metal around 1500 BC. They considered the spirit of life as a tattoo. Tattoos also indicated social status and identity. Used ink made from a mixture of banana leaves and charcoal, mixed with sugar cane water. In the Dayak, who can not have any tattoos. For example, men from the tribe Dayak Kayan, can get a tattoo when successfully decapitate enemies.
About an 80-year, tattoo was seen as the symbol of criminals. This menyurutkan sustainability of tattoo culture. But now tattoos have evolved into a lifestyle. Tattoos no longer an image that should be obtained with decapitate the enemy first. Now only required amount of money and mentally strong.