Selecting Pictures Tattoos And Making Process

Before you make a tattoo to decorate your body so rare that you should take is to select the desired image. There are many categories of images you can select. Realistic picture of the results such as images, motifs and tribal celtic nuances of ethnic domination and the color black, old skull image that is identical with the colors, or give the bio-mechanical effect is quite creepy in your body. Sample images can be searched on the internet, or are also provided in the tattoo studio. Customize the colors to be selected with the color of your skin. Hair color is good in light colored skin. If your skin tends to be dark, you should select the tattoo black. After that specify the body part where you want to tattoo, part of the body such as breast, stomach, arms in, thigh and calf pain when ditato enough, because the skin network in the area tipis.Apabila including oarang that you can not withhold pain, choose the body such as back and hand.

The process of tattoo
Many myths circulating that the tattoo is very painful, but this depends on the body yng you select. Technically the needle entrance, only about 1 mm only, which means that only the network epidermis. To reduce the pain during the tattoo process, you must eat first. Keep badab condition that is not too tired, because when the body condition is not fit then akn bleeding occurred in the tattoo ink can not enter the skin, and cause pain that extraordinary.