Glossary Of Style Tattoo


Have a typical form of a taper, all firm and rarely play gradation. Pewarnaannya techniques tend to be simple, usually black block. "Most of the main techniques in the tribal harmony and clarity of the concept," said Ken-Ken.

Fine Line

"Relying dynamics and composition of the color line," Jeff pillowslip Kareem. He said again, this is the technique that reflects the strong uniqueness artistnya. "Will appear accuracy and taste (taste) perajahnya, of this style," added Sonny Irawan.


image is made possible with the original object. The artist must have a background painting is strong, especially the composition and dimensions.
"For example, drawing a face famous people or people nearby. He can not play, because the tattoo is permanent and can not be changed, "Joseph pillowslip, original artists from Bandung Kent studio.


Ethnic model of the form of east China and Japan this coloring technique. "Usually, the typical image objeknya such as women or Japanese dragon, which is truly imaginative," Atonk segment. "The ornament is also thick with stylish decor color light game," added Jeff.

Celtic Language
This style has a special level of difficulty because most of the braid style. "Tug garisnya overlapping and may be serapih," said Atonk. To avoid failure, it is usually done early or sket dimal first.


This is exactly the freedom artistnya respectively. "Through this same style, each artist can have more value rather than the other. Not only shapes, but color as well as composition techniques, "said the chancellor's Nunus.


Rarely a style like this. The term means to improve the repair. "We improve image musti tattoo artist to the other better," they said.