Formerly With The Needle Tattoos With Machine

In the modern era like now a lot of people that decorate her body with tattoos. According to the people ditattoo, the process of making it very painful skin. However it be debated by Ken Ken.Menurutnya, making tatttoo manually when the first period, ie, pin needle, is quite sick. However, since the tattoo machine is found, the pain can reduce the depth of the skin that can akan ditattoo in control. Even with the machine, the image and a color tattoo can be very alive.

"Form of tattoo images can now form three-dimensional. Medium color degradation, such as changes to the color black is the color gray is perfect. This also makes the tattoo very alive, "the firm leleki often receive orders menattoo the celebrities.

Aan also explains, the first dominant color tattoo is always blue, the color is very rich now. Moreover, the engine is supported denagn, color image tattoo can vary more than pengerjaanya more subtle. However, according to Ken Ken, with the engine manufacturer is also a tattoo must have a mental life and art is strong. If a few, can not be removed like a painting canvas.

"To get a good bounce, it should be enough experience," he said.
In addition, KenKen go, not all consumers can simply ditattoo. Must see in terms of medical as well, whether the client's health or there is a good kind of skin allergy, at least from the doctor. Even if all goes smoothly, oarang who want to ditattoo, should be enough sleep for 8 hours before the penattooan.Minum Vitamin C and not in a pickle.

"Even if a client in a state of flu, we will not terim. Let wait samapai healthy, "Ken Ken the firm began using tattoo machines since 1994.
Aan dikatan similar things, that oreang who does not want to be in ditattoo intoxication. "When ditattoo when drunk, a lot of blood will come out of the skin. Clear that the drunk person will not accept us, "specifically.

Tariff rates on a tattoo image, Ken Ken says, expensive or cheapness tergantungdari large size of the tattoo. Itupun size measured in the number of centimeters.
"Complexity of a picture are not our countdown. A clear, tariffs, 5x5 cm sized tattoo of Rp 125 thousand. And long process about ½ hour, "said the man who has" Kenta Tattoo studio. "