World Body Painting Festival Photography Awards 2009

I have prepared some posts on some great body painters so I will be doing much more during the fall and upcoming winter months, but....... The photography awards have been announced for the 2009 World Body Painting Fest - and two photos ranking #2 and #5 in the Classic Photos show he wonder painting by Mark Reid and assisted by me, modeled by the very talented Viktoria. Well worth your taking a look at those and at the digitally enhanced photos.

One award was entered in the classic but judges thought it to digitally worked to qualify. However it was the judges favorite and they awarded a special award. I am delighted to note it is my friends, artist Susie Peirce and model Aeir. The photo was taken by Thomas Froehlich.

Go see the photos at the WBPF web site - a link is to the side here.
I track down and add the winning photographers links too.

Here it is that special judges award photo.