Pam Trent - A Working Artist

Today is my friend Pam's birthday, so this post is about her. Pam is a hard working artist, she puts out a good deal of the type of artworks the typical body painting artist creates. She paints for promotional releases, trade shows, charity events, all those "regular" places one might see body painting. And Pam is good. Her artworks leave aspiring working artists drooling. They seek to have her skills and they seek to have her jobs! She has been a true forerunner in this fast growing art form.

Pam inspired me early on to really become a more well rounded body artist. I remember having just been painting bodies in earnest for about a year and while I knew and had watched many known and great artists create in public, they were "celebrities" in the body painting community. I knew Pam by name and reputation, she was a mentor to many, and well know artist but perhaps not what one would call a celebrity.
I saw Pam creating this amazing artwork at a gathering of artists. There she was all by herself just painting away in this hotel lobby. I knew I didn't have the guts to be out there just painting as if it didn't matter - or even at that time the know how - I mean she had a beautiful model with these really amazing feather eyelashes - I mean where did you find all that!

Pam just made it look easy. She gave me the opportunity to meet so many more artists I met who inspired and have helped me grow my own artworks. Pam had passion and it showed and she has gifted that passion to many others.

Models love working with Pam and if you are a professional photographer in the Florida area (where Pam is now living) you will find yourself lucky to be shooting with Pam. Look her up at Way Wicked Art.