United Laser Tattoo Removal nyc

Tattoos have remained popular throughout time and across many cultures and continents. Although most psychological studies of persons with tattoos have been restricted to psychiatric inpatients, prisoners in correctional institutions, and military personnel, thus reflecting only specific populations. one common conclusion is that, of all the motives for obtaining a tattoo, the quest for personal identity is central. The skin serves as a useful canvas on which to portray statements of individuality, sexuality, belonging, machismo, frustration, boredom, and anger. However, the quest for identity by teenagers often becomes irrelevant or embarrassing by age 40 years, they later regret their tattoos.

Removal of tattoo pigment can be done with infrared lasers or color-specific lasers. Color-specific lasers such as the Q-switched ruby laser and alexandrite laser, and the infrared Nd:YAG and carbon dioxide lasers, have proven very effective in removing tattoos.