Trendy Popular Tattoo Locations for Men and Women

The part that you want to have your tattoo.

Ankle tattoo
Because more of a feminine area, too girly designs like butterflies, flowers, hearts, etc. Getting an ankle tattoo might be a bit difficult. You should assume the position of lying on a bench or chair. It is also slightly more painful than usual because it is an area that is less tender. They also tend to be more bloody.

Lower back tattoo
This area is more suitable for large and complex designs feminine classic. It provides a large area to work on (horizontal) and is not visible unless exposed if desired. It also looks very sexy that's why is preferred by most women. Also, this section can not be easily corrupted or modified by changes in your skin due to weight fluctuation or loss. However, this could be a very difficult to clean, especially on your own.

Chest tattoo
Although chest tattoo show masculinity, is also the location of choice for women. This is because it is near the location of the breast and chest are considered intimate and sensual. On the other hand, people choose to do this is to place large to display large and complex designs. Chest tattoos easily hidden and easily can be shown off too much by going bare-chested.

Neck tattoos
For some women, long hair can hide the tattoo neck. While for most people is not easily hidden. Neck tattoos are also more painful because the thin and close to the bone. Unlike other areas, not soft because it has less fat and muscle. In addition, this area is in constant motion (eg when we turn our heads sideways), thus creating friction.