That Beautiful Face Is Now Filled Tattoos

Tattoos are part of the art. Stay aware when ditato. That is the message that should be taken when reading the cases that override the Kimberley Vlaminck, teenagers 18 years of origin Courtrai Belgium.

Case occurred the night a few days ago. Kimberley was home from a bar in the head due to drunken headache. Then drop it into a kiosk tattoos, Tattoo The Box, who managed Rouslan Toumaniantz, Romania immigrant origin.
To Rouslan, have made it three stars tattoo on the left cheek, after he agreed cost of Rp 90 ribu. When been colored, Kimberley terlelap. Know, he's too drunk to stay awake. Once completed and built, half-surprised the girl died because, not only stars that decorate the three-colored, but the 56 stars. He immediately protested.
Kimberley does not believe himself to be a face full of tattoos. "This is chilling for me. I can not leave home with a face like this, very embarrassed because I look very ugly," said Kimberley.
He was sure, the artists do not understand the desires of English and French is broken-broken. "But I speak very clearly using the French language and a little English when he looks a bit confused. I explain, I want three stars tattoo on the left temple," said Kimberley.
Rouslan clearly disprove and is sure to meet the desire of girls, that is drawing 56 stars left in the face. "When awake, she saw to the mirror. Such procedures. The problem is when the home, he be censured and the girlfriend's father," he said.
Rouslan confess anaesthetize feel accused or the menghipnotis girls. "That's just hogwash. He indeed I have 56 stars," said Rouslan.
Kimberley now want the tattoo-tattoo is through surgery and demanded Rouslan pay for the hospital to reach 8500 Pounds Sterling. Rouslan clearly reject. Rouslan refused because, he was reported to police.

Police lift the hand of any matter of that case because the case does not see it as a violation of criminal, but civil affairs. However, Rouslan now become more cautious and ask for a written statement from the client before merajah.