Tattoos - Love it or Hate it

I believe tattoo is officially an ART now. It has passed through all those stages and the way whole world looks and treats it as nothing but art now.

Tattoos are known around the world by different names. Some called it tatoeage, tatouage, t├Ątowier, tatuaggio, tatuar, tatuaje, tatoos, HotTatoo, tattueringar, tatuagens, tatoveringer, tattos, and tatu, and are even more popular now than at any time in recorded history. Current estimates now have more than one in seven, or well over 45 million people in North America alone have one or more tattoos.

Tattoo was and is being used worldwide in many countries for many different purposes. History proved that it was used by many ancient tribes and warriors. And now we also find tatoo popular among marines, army as well as gangs and criminals.

Though I must add one thing for sure that tattoo is more popular-HotTatoo- now in mainstream than ever.

One Tattoo Shop owner mentioned during his interview that in one day he did tattoos for three generations, from grandma to teen grandson. Many enthusiastic groups do annual conventions and/or gatherings activities worldwide.

Some use tattoos to beautify their body, some for the memory of that special event or special person, some for GoodLuck, some to look COOL, some for pure joy, some for religious purpose, some for branding and some for fun.

You know some government and even criminals use tattoo too. For example historically, chinese dynasty used tattoos to brand criminals to punish and disgrace them. Many gangs and criminals used it to brand their members. But as of today more young and educated people love tattoos too. They don't use tattoo removal.