Tattoos Alerts Marga Family Fashion Trends Up

For indonesia, 'Tato'Tattoo: English, red) always associate with kriminalitas.Apalagi in context with the history of Indonesia 1983-1984, many dead bodies found in the' bromocorah 'sprawling dijalan that almost all bertattoo. However, the perlahn but surely, about the tattoo image little by little began to change. At least that's experienced Ken Ken (28), a professional tattoo that really as a source of life, where melakoni activities to create the image on the body with needles and dye substances.

Man tattoo studio that opened in Wangsareja Street Gang Ardisasmita This states, actual tattoo can be enjoyed as part of a high aesthetic.
"Previously tattoo home made terlanjur used and so the people who follow melekukan criminal at the time, eventually make their own tattoo always considered a minus. While part of the tattoo art, "a man named firm Yusephtia this native, who has been menekuni work tatto menatto about 13 years.

That said senada Aan (35), one of the original tattoo Surabaya, now that the views of the tattoo is different. Ugly picture of the tattoo can be removed with a beautiful view it as art. In addition, according to him, the image first tattoo and now also different. Start from the coloring, the objects, to the beauty of subtlety, tattoo era now far better estetiknya rather tattoo first.

While ken Ken added, since the early 1990s, along denag development mode, tattoos punpun be part of fashion trends. This appears at this time when many people who want to start in the tattoo. Average menganggaptato they are part of the art, tattoo is also a complement of accessories for young children. So synonymous with prison tattoos, in view of the community, slowly began to dim. Now the form of a tattoo can be seen from the art course.

People came to him ditato're very diverse, although some have the motivation to follow the development of fashion or trend. In fact, he confessed, there are some who make as a symbol of his family clan.

"Ex rose tattoo image is where a family and have drawn all the same. With tattoos all families are expected to know turunannya. "Said leleki who have tattoos in the full kirinyaitu.

Similarly with Aan. According to him, that there are some people who create tattoos sekeluarga, with a sign as a function of their family clans.
"Generally the people. Jelasbagi of them, it is the value for them. "He explained.

In fact, said Aan again, now a part of the tattoo to beautify themselves for women, such as pembuatn tattoo eyebrow. Usually women who now feel alisnya thin or less good, it can be improved with the way menato. (Rot)

Permanent Tattoo is Beautiful
Temporary Tattoo Practical

Many people who want to have a tattoo, but does not necessarily want or wish to change the image-change. Temporary Tattoos (temporary tattoo) while a desire to meet it.

"The temporary tattoo is already in India around 1985-1987. However, at that time very popularity in Bali. And a new 1990 or ramainya 1998, this type of tattoo began infecting in Java, including Bandung, "said Ayi (34), the studio mebuka" chancellor "in jaln Cihampelas.

Making is different from the tattoo permanent tattoo that will never be lost. Work system permanent tattoo, ink is inserted in the skin through a needle. Temporary tattoos are relying on the strength of the ink in the paste on the skin, and the oldest age only sati months. However, permanent tattoo, according to hary (22)-owner of "Outsider" has the benefits of color until a three-dimensional images is becoming increasingly evident. Meanwhile, temporary tattoos have only one color (black) and in general have a firm image.

That said, Ken Ken, that tattoo temprer because this practical and easy to lose this option becomes even young children have sekolahuntuk tattoo. In addition to the picture can be replaced, instead, making temporary tattoos do not hurt., The image system is a system ngeblok images, and enhanced ink.

According to Hary, since maraknya temporary tattoo, many young people who want style with tattoos. "With this tattoo, young people can also be stylish, even though the color is only temporary tattoo black image but can be replaced-change. Even these events are often used at the time entertaiment or just show time, "added KenKen.
He also explained further, temporary tattoos come from India which is used at the time of marriage.