The Sexy Tattoo Placement

At the time of many now dekali people menhiasi his body with tattoos. You have decided that you want a tattoo, and is ready to select a design. Before you do this though, you need to know where you put your tattoo, because it will affect the size and context of your design. Most women like to place them somewhere sexy tattoos so they can attract the attention of the opposite sex. And why not, that's pretty much what the right tattoo for?

Here are some sexiest place to put a tattoo:

1.Lower again: the low-rise jeans still in style, this is the right place to tattoo. Most of the designs in this area use a little of the form of a triangle with the point down, so that the eyes are taken to decrease the half. This is also a big surface to put a big, sprawling tattoo, and easy to cover if you will be working.

2.Upper breast: because most guys are looking for anyways, why not give them something to see? Tattoos in this area are generally smaller, with symbols such as flowers, bees, butterflies and dragonflies to be very popular.

3.Ankle: if you have a lot of foot and ankle tattoo is perfect, he will take the eye a narrow part of you and then go from there. Once again you may want to stick to a smaller tattoo in this area.

4.Wrist: lanky, soft, lightly scented and usually, in the wrist is more sexy place in our bodies. Place a small tattoo on the inside of your wrist and you notice the attention!

5.Shoulder: show your spirit with a sexy Playboy Bunny tattoo on the back of your shoulder, and then go buy strappy tank tops. You have a great surface on which you can place a nice size tattoo and the attention.

6.Back of Neck: During your stay with something small, this is a location to Asia or a unique symbol. Of course the neck is very sexy, and funny or interesting tattoo have great conversation starter.