Phoenix Bird Tattoos 2011

Phoenix Bird Tattoos have gained more popularity after the role of phoenix bird in one of the Harry Potter books! Phoenix tattoos are medium to large sized tattoo, so one should be careful while choosing an apt location for the tattoo.
Choose a location like back, sleeve or belly as these locations offer an extensive canvas for detailed designs. Men mostly choose sleeve or upper back for the location, as phoenix bird tattoo can be chosen as a full sleeve as well as half sleeve tattoo design. Other locations like chest or nape can also be chosen. Girls mostly choose lower back as the location, mainly because different colors are used in this tattoo, it is also extensive, and so it can be flaunted with grace when done on the lower back. You can also read more on other upper back tattoos.

Talking about phoenix bird tattoo designs, the classic black and white tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo design. Another design which you can use is a colorful phoenix with ball of fire in the background. Mostly bright colors like red, black and golden are used to depict the ferocity of the fire and the phoenix bird. For a unique look, you can make the use of green, hues of purple, copper and yellow. A picture of phoenix rising from the ashes can also be depicted, this is in fact one of the most motivating picture ever! You can also personalize your tattoo by depicting any special moment of your life.