Meaning, Popularity, Designs of these Sun Tattoos

For thousands of years, the sun has been worshiped as god in many ancient cultures. The sun designs can be seen in many artworks of the Mayans, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and Babylonians which described it as god, the provider for food, protection, and life. The sun tattoos would symbolize a source of hope, vitality, eternal power, renewing youth, passion, courage, happiness and light.

The sun is considered a masculine symbol and the center of the universe, a provider for all life in the universal family. That's the reason why you see many sun tattoo designs often pair with moons or stars since they have more of a feminine feature. One of the most popular sun tattoos is a circle with sun's rays emanating from the inner circles.

The other really popular sun tattoo is the tribal sun tattoo which have been part of the primitive cultures. Tribal sun tattoos often come with a human face inside the sun circle in a sense of protection from the dark and dangerous side of life. In the Mayans culture, the tribal sun tattoo designs are often the representation of leadership and higher power, depending on the size and color been used.

Tribal tattoo pictures of the sun are so diverse and forms range from simple, monochromatic, swirly sun rays to those complicate with hundreds of rays with facial features inside. Each sun designs speak of an individual signature style and very sexy for both men and women.

There are literally thousands of sun designs out there and don't limit your self to just traditional or simple ones. From what I've seen today, sun tattoos are more popular for their vivid, bright colors, a wide range of influence, and creatively artistic imagination than their meanings.

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