Lizard Tattoos Designs

Though the lizard is a prominent figure in many of the world’s cultures, it is in Polynesia that the lizard is celebrated as a near-deity. In Polynesian culture, which spans from New Zealand to Hawaii, the lizard is believed to be the creator of man and lizard tattoo designs inspired from this belief portray the lizard in a tribal visual style that almost borders on the religious. With its powerful black lines and flat abstract style, lizard tattoo designs of this kind are great for portraying these benevolent and non- poisonous creatures in a regal light.

Even though Polynesia is the ancestral home of the tattoo, it doesn’t mean these tats are limited to the tribal island style. Popular lizard tattoo design choices include those influenced by African art, with their highly stylized animal images, and the very trendy Pueblo Southwest Gecko. Geckos in this part of the world are considered extremely lucky, with their checkered and frantic use of color and shading, and make for great-looking tattoos that everybody will be talking about.

Other lizard tattoo designs seem to be inspired by the snake—that distant relative of the lizard. It’s no surprise that lizards and snakes represent renewal and rebirth since both shed their skin, both live underground, and both hibernate. But lizard tats often have a more positive connotation than snake tattoos. Also, of any animal on the planet, lizards seem to remind us most of the dinosaurs--those large giants of the ancient world.