Henna Tattoo pictures

Tattoos are art. Many people choose Hena tattoo to decorate their bodies. because by choosing Hena tattoos they will not feel pain because they had to face with the tattoo needle. Henna is a tropical flowering plants that come from Arabic word for Lawsonia Inermis called humiliated. It is a tall shrub or small tree that usually grows in Africa, South Asia and North Australia. Henna leaves which produces orange-red dye used in coloring and tinting of hair on the body such as hands and feet.

Henna Tattoos tattoo ancient India is also known as Mehndi or Mehendi. This is the art of using plants as henna or ink color to the intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns traditionally applied in different parts of the body especially hands and feet of women in preparation for the special ceremony.
henna tattoo is very popular and is often used for women, men seem to find it a nice alternative to permanent tattoos. This is a pain and while the process of tattooing. Mehndi henna tattoo or just take in one to four weeks. This is not a commitment for life. Design you have chosen this day as possible to the next. Henna tattoo can be removed and will change if other people want it cool and unique design.

By : Wijaya