Heart Tattoo for Women

The types of tattoos that women choose to get are as diverse as women themselves. One famous tattoo that has been reproduced many times on the bodies of women is a small heart tattoo that was first inked on Janis Joplin. Just before her death, Joplin got this heart inked over her left breast, completed by famous tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle. In the year after her death in 1970, Tuttle estimated that he completed over 100 copies of this famous heart. Hearts make a great statement for many women, who want to have something permanent to remind them of a person they love. Some choose to get these tattoos with a name inked in a banner across them, in order to memorialize or pay tribute to an important love. Others just like the beauty of a heart tattoo. Of course, there are many other images that are seen as "women's tattoos" besides a heart.

By : Wijaya