Body Art Tattoos

Body art tattoo has become extremely popular in the past few years. Research shows that North America alone has over 45 million people who have one or more tattoos. Due to this ever-increasing popularity of tattoos, tattoo art galleries have also come into tremendous form. These galleries display all kinds of tattoo designs, both ancient and modern, which help to understand the meaning behind this body art that is inked into skin. 

Men and women both sported such Body Art Tattoos and the designs and patterns created were usually symbolic of their gods or other divine forms that they used to worship and follow. Some Body Art Tattoos were also believed to have marked battles or ancestral relationships with their gods or forefathers and sometimes of reincarnation. Women would get Body Art Tattoos, often after their marriage to mark their dedication to their husband and children. Thus a persons Body Art Tattoos used to tell a lot about the person.

Though tattoo art galleries also highlight modern tattoo designs, the goal of most of these galleries is to celebrate the ancient art form of tattooing and its old practitioners. These galleries bring the works of various tattoo artists together and also help to understand the origin of the tattoo art.