Candid Shots From Seeboden

Here are some pictures of the back of the body art we painted.  And I take hat "we" to liberal use. I was humbly and happy to be simply Mark's assistant.  If I could help any friend win this great honor _ well what could be better than that.

And here too are some fun shots of work by the 2009 Sponge and Brush winners, Brian Wolfe and Nick Wolfe.  The first image is their prelim artwork and the second image with the dinosaurs and diamond is their final #1 winning artwork.  I love these guys,  I think the diamond was a bit of a statement, and we all have and get to make our own statements as artists.
One reason we are aritists and don't sell insurance! Brian and Nick are very talented with creative spirits and minds.  Their artwork was amazing, as were so many.   I'll post more soon.