Hobbies, Love, and Asa Beckham in Tattoos

This modern Dizaman many people use tattoos ditato even when there is pain. "The easement in the back pain when ditato," said David Beckham at any time.
Therefore, the more the longer he has many tattoos on her body. But not only that her body to make. Many of the meanings in it, to the LA Galaxy star is really like with the body painting.

In addition to the football field, former Manchester United star Real Madrid and want to express this himself, hopes, love, and ideas in the tattoo-idea. So, she was happy, even every day I still think tattoos are more tanamkan want him in the body.

Many tattoos on his hands, the back of the neck, the top of the spine, wrist, also the bottom of the spine. All the meaning of ideas, hope and love.

"All tatoku about the people who really means in my life. That is, his wife and daughters. When meeting with, you will see the tattoo-tattoo on my body. You will see the expression on perasaanku Vitoria and sons. I have a feeling like that his wife and son stay with me, although I am currently away from home. Thus, their presence not only in the heart "he said in otobiografinya, 'David Beckham: My Side'.

Back up there in the name of his sons (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) who, along with pictures angels guard. In the back of the neck, he mentato holy image Satria cruciate winged.

While in the biceps lengannya have pictures of the fun their children. The winged fairy holding torch and nearby there are any posts, "Let them membenciku origin of their fear to me." Do not know, what is the word "them".

Now, many have tattoos on Beckham's body. Hands right now is full of tattoos. But, Beckham would not stop. Mentato still want the body that are still empty. The first projection is a right arm still looks empty.

"Beckham is still leaving room on the right arm to the children who will be born soon," said Victoria, a member of the group Spice Girls.

So, Beckham and Victoria already have three children berrencana will still have more children? "Yes, Beckham is still a child ask me. I had was refused, but eventually fail as well. Know when," said Victoria.

According to Beckham, he has ideas for the body since mentato small. It was inspired by tattoo-tattoo on the body of his father.

"While still small, I see my father have three tattoos. Since then, I have the idea to create a tattoo on my body a day later," I Beckham.

"The idea that the mendesakku, when children pertamaku, Brooklyn, was born. I then spoke with Mel B (Spice Girls other members) and her husband Jimmy Gulzar. Then, talking about the tattoo theme was developed. I said to Jimmy, who mentato body, "said Beckham.

Beckham also find Louis Molloy, a renowned tattoo artist. Since then, most of the tattoo on Beckham's body is created by Molloy.

Not only Beckham, Victoria was eventually join-follow-up mentato body. Molloy also did so. There are five stars tattoo above (sorry) Victoria buttocks. The five stars that represent David, Victoria, and three sons. While in the circle hands ditato initials David Beckham.

Soal Beckham tattoo is so much that, Victoria was not asking if the image as a world star. Victoria worries grow, when Beckham will move to the United States to strengthen the LA Galaxy. For, in the U.S. pencitraan very important.